About Me

This is what I do.

Be great in act, as you have been in thought

-William Shakespeare

We all see so many problems around us on a daily basis, and for me there is no exception. We might even have brilliant ideas to solve such problems and bring a change, but may not have a platform to turn them into action.

I have been puzzled by my surroundings from a very young age. While on my way to school, I would look outside the school bus window and wonder why those children on the streets would be collecting garbage and not getting ready for school. It also seemed confusing to me why some people, even in the harshest of weathers, would be collecting money at traffic junctions, instead of staying in the comforts of their home.

It was only after I grew up that I faced the reality. I learnt that what I had seen was child labour and beggary. But those were just two of the massive pool of issues our world faces today. There is hardship and misery in every aspect of life, be it social or economic. But that should only motivate us to search for a solution and bring a change. Ideas & action is that platform where one can share, discuss and debate their opinions and ideas regarding the social, economic and environmental evils of today. It is also a platform where one can witness their ideas being turned into action. Ideas & action is a nursery where ideas get seeded and gradually grow into action. Please utilize this digital medium to freely express your thoughts and ideas regarding issues concerning our world and contribute in turning these ideas into action. Your thoughts and contributions have the power to transform lives.

One need not be a mathematician to understand this very simple equation.

Saloni Mishra