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A Day In 2050

Posted by suhani 2016-01-11

            It all began in the morning when I got up. And guess what, an actual robot came and slid a pair of shoes in my feet. Then I scurried towards my automatic sensing shower room and got a quick shower without moving a finger. Later, I went to my dressing room where with the help of the room itself I got ready into my anti pollution suit which also protects me from acid-rains, and my special boots which help me walk on all the filth that might be there on the roads.

           After getting ready, I went to my dining room where the chef-robot had prepared a nice, authentic and heavy breakfast as I had food pills for lunch. I gulped all the food as it was already 8?o clock. I ran towards the door and saw that my faithful robot-chauffeur had already started my car. Did I mention that in 2050 robots had taken over all drivers, cooks, servants, housekeepers, butlers and even friends?

           These days I and my friends rarely met. I was always busy with my work, office, and my robots. I have always adorned the idea of just grabbing a bag of popcorn and watching a movie. But that never seem to happen. Actually, it does happen once a year, at robot-free day.

           So, I boarded my car and landed in my office within no time. Then I ran to the 30 m long corridor which would detox all the pollution and the bad gasses. After that I entered my main office, and the first thing I did was to remove my gears, and just be in my normal casual clothes which I wore underneath my suit. Even though my suit had real A.C.?s, it was bulky and heavy enough to make me claustrophobic. At exact 8:15 I started my work. I am a food scientist and make all sorts of food tablets. Till around 1:30, I worked and after that I had one of my favorite food tablets. After eating, at 2?o clock it was time for my virtual meeting with my colleagues. It lasted till 4?o clock when my assistant had packed my bag. I took it from him, and went towards the dressing room and wore my suit. And I went to the roller coaster elevator, which took me straight to my car parking slot.

           I entered my car and went home where I got to my award winning detox room which had a wall T.V, and many goodies. After spending a good 15 minutes there, I got to my main home and changed in my night dress. Just had a light snack and told all my robots to rest except my security who had been relaxing all day. Then I hit my bed. While reading my economic times, I thought about the crazy, difficult,, but simply fantastic day that waited ahead.


vartika 2016-01-11   reply 1 Likes

Well written! This might be a possibility in the coming times!

deepak 2016-01-12   reply 1 Likes

Very well put, 2050 would be place for people when one has robots for company. But who likes the company of robots , we like human beings as friends. Now that we know the World is going be full of pollution , filth and robots, let us work towards making it better ........a world that is clean, without pollution and with lot of friends.....

saloni 2016-01-13   reply 2 Likes

This story seems to foreshadow the future of planet Earth. Even though we are progressing towards a more technologically advanced world, we are regressing by destroying Mother Nature. It is time we thank the environment for all it has done for us by preserving it and remind ourselves of the true purpose of our existence.