Manav Bharti

This is what we do.

The Manav Bharati Society The Manava Bharati Society was established in 1941 by Late Dr. D.P. Pandey with the blessing of Mahatma Gandhi and the loving co-operation of two of the late Presidents - Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Radhakrishnan. They not only blessed the institution but also acted as the President and vice-President of the Society, respectively. With a vision to broaden horizons in the field of education, the Manava Bharati Society has set up its new branch at Nehru Colony in Dehradun. The vision of the school is to create a dynamic learning space based on the child's inherent desire to explore, discover and create. The need of the hour is to develop a holistic attitude towards the child and to address the myriad learning requirements of the child. The school follows a thematic approach towards learning. Through themes such as seasons, animals, gardens and festivals, children learn various subjects like plant science, animal science, mathematics and languages. Field visits; audio visual aids and theme based activities give children real experiences and make learning interesting. Sports, music, dance, art and craft are also given a lot of importance to help the child's physical, social, emotional development and creativity. Manav Bharti supports the education of more than 1200 Children. Some of these students suffered during Uttarakhand tragedy and lost their parents. The Society runs government affiliated schools and Teachers Training Institutes also at different places.

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