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Bagiya - An initiative of Sanshil Foundation There are innumerable construction sites in our cities, but scarcely any arrangements for the education of the workers? children. Nestled among the landscaped villas and high-rise apartments of South City 2, Gurgaon, Bagiya is one such school. Housed in the basement of a residential building, Bagiya educates the children of construction site workers, rag pickers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors etc. Founded in 2007 by the Sanshil Foundation, at least 50 under-privileged children from Bagiya enter mainstream schools such as DPS, Pallavanjali and Shikshaantar every year. The main focus is in providing education and training the children in general hygiene. Bagiya offers the underprivileged children a near school like environment. All the education expenses like books, uniforms, studying material etc of these students are borne by Bagiya. The over-aged children who sometimes cannot be a part of any school then continue coming to Bagiya for improving their knowledge and education and are guided to take examination from open school. Post that, students who are interested in learning some skills join polytechnic for vocational training. Children from age 4 to 14 years benefit from the school. Bagiya presently has a total of around 140 children, which may at times go as high as 170 children. The school tries to integrate the children into society with self-sustainable employment and vocational opportunities so that they no longer fall under the category of ?those in need?. Bagiya is registered under section 25

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